Transcription of LocHum,160[3]
— 160 —
Idiots and mad Men.       §12. How far Idiots are concerned in the want or weakness of any,
or all of the foregoing Faculties, an exact observation of their
several ways of faltering, would no doubt discover. For those who
either perceive but dully, or retain the Ideas that come into their
Minds but ill, who cannot readily excite or compound them, will
have little matter to think on. Those who cannot distinguish,
compare, and abstract, would hardly be able to understand, and
make use of Language, or judge, or reason to any tolerable degree:
but only a little, and imperfectly, about things present, and very
familiar to their Senses. And indeed, any of the forementioned
Faculties, if wanting, or out of order, produce suitable defects in
Men’s Understandings and Knowledge.
Locke Hum II, 11, §12, p. 160