Transcription of LocHum,167[4]et168[1]
— 167 —
Immensity.       §4. Each different distance is a different Modification of Space,
and each Idea of any different distance, or Space, is a simple Mode of this
Idea. Men for the use, and by the custom of measuring, settle in
their Minds the Ideas of certain stated lengths, such as are an Inch,
Foot, Yard, Fathom, Mile, Diameter of the Earth, etc. which are so many
distinct Ideas made up only of Space. When any such stated lengths
or measures of Space are made familiar to Men’s Thoughts, they
— 168 —
can, in their Minds, repeat them as often as they will, without
mixing or joining to them the Idea of Body, or any thing else; and
frame to themselves the Ideas of long, square, or cubick, Feet, Yards,
or Fathoms, here amongst the Bodies of the Universe, or else beyond
the utmost Bounds of all Bodies; and by adding these still one to
another, enlarge their Idea of Space as much as they please. This
Power of repeating, or doubling any Idea we have of any distance,
and adding it to the former as often as we will, without being ever
able to come to any stop or stint, let us enlarge it as much as we
will, is that, which gives us the Idea of Immensity.
Locke Hum II, 13, §4, pp. 167-168