Transcription of LocHum,307[2]
— 307 —
      §20. Every one finds in himself, that his Soul can think, will, and
operate on his Body, in the place where that is; but cannot operate
on a Body, or in a place, an hundred Miles distant from it. No Body
can imagine, that his Soul can think, or move a Body at Oxford,
whilst he is at London; and cannot but know, that being united
to his Body, it constantly changes place all the whole journey,
between Oxford and London, as the Coach, or Horse does, that
carries him; and, I think, may be said to be truly all that while in
motion: Or if that will not be allowed to afford us a clear Idea
enough of its motion, its being separated from the Body in death,
I think, will: For to consider it as going out of the Body, or leaving
it, and yet to have no Idea of its motion, seems to me impossible.
Locke Hum II, 23, §20, p. 307