Transcription of LocHum,429[3]
— 429 —
Secondly, Made arbitrarily, and without Patterns.       §3. In the next place, these Essences of the Species of mixed Modes,
are not only made by the Mind, but made very arbitrarily, made
without Patterns, or reference to any real Existence. Wherein they
differ from those of Substances, which carry with them the Sup-
position of some real Being, from which they are taken, and to
which they are conformable. But in its complex Ideas of mixed
Modes, the Mind takes a liberty not to follow the Existence of
Things exactly. It unites and retains certain Collections, as so many
distinct specifick Ideas, whilst others, that as often occurr in Nature,
and are as plainly suggested by outward Things, pass neglected
without particular Names or Specifications. Nor does the Mind,
in these of mixed Modes, as in the complex Ideas of Substances,
examine them by the real Existence of Things; or verifie them by
Patterns, containing such peculiar Compositions in Nature. To
know whether his Idea of Adultery, or Incest, be right, will a Man
seek it any where amongst Things existing? Or is it true, because
any one has been Witness to such an Action? No: but it suffices here,
that Men have put together such a Collection into one complex
Idea, that makes the Archetype, and specifick Idea, whether ever any
such Action were committed in rerum natura, or no.
Locke Hum III, 5, §3, p. 429