Transcription of LocHum,436[2]
— 436 —
Their being made by the Understanding without Patterns, shews the reason why they are so compounded.       §13. Hence likewise we may learn, Why the complex Ideas of mixed
Modes, are commonly more compounded, and decompounded, than those of
natural Substances. Because they being the Workmanship of the
Understanding, pursuing only its own ends, and the conveniency
of expressing in short those Ideas it would make known to another,
does with great liberty unite often into one abstract Idea Things
that in their Nature have no coherence; and so under one Term,
bundle together a great variety of compounded, and decompounded
Ideas. Thus the Name of Procession, what a great mixture of inde-
pendant Ideas of Persons, Habits, Tapers, Orders, Motions, Sounds,
does it contain in that complex one, which the Mind of Man has
arbitrarily put together, to express by that one Name? Whereas
the complex Ideas of the sorts of Substances, are usually made up of
only a small number of simple ones; and in the Species of Animals,
these two, viz. Shape and Voice, commonly make the whole nomi-
nal Essence.
Locke Hum III, 5, §13, p. 436