Transcription of LocHum,456[2]et457[1]
— 456 —
Though very imperfect.       §29. Secondly, Though the Mind of Man, in making its complex
Ideas of Substances, never puts any together that do not really, or are
not supposed to co-exist; and so it truly borrows that Union from
Nature: Yet the number it combines, depends upon the various Care,
Industry, or Fancy of him that makes it. Men generally content them-
selves with some few sensible obvious Qualities; and often, if not
always, leave out others as material, and as firmly united, as those
that they take. Of sensible Substances there are two sorts; one of
organiz’d Bodies, which are propagated by Seed; and in these, the
Shape is that, which to us is the leading Quality, and most charac-
teristical Part, that determines the Species: And therefore in Vege-
tables and Animals, an extended solid Substance of such a certain
Figure usually serves the turn. For however some Men seem to
prize their Definition of Animal Rationale, yet should there a Crea-
ture be found, that had Language and Reason, but partaked not of
the usual shape of a Man, I believe it would hardly pass for a Man,
how much soever it were Animal Rationale. And if Baalams Ass had,
all his Life, discoursed as rationally as he did once with his Master,
I doubt yet, whether any one would have thought him worthy the
name Man, or allow’d him to be of the same Species with himself. As
in Vegetables and Animals ’tis the Shape, so in most other Bodies,
not propagated by Seed, ’tis the Colour we most fix on, and are
most led by. Thus where we find the Colour of Gold, we are apt to
imagine all the other Qualities, comprehended in our complex Idea,
to be there also: and we commonly take these two obvious Qualities,
— 457 —
viz. Shape and Colour, for so presumptive Ideas of several Species,
that in a good Picture, we readily say, this is a Lion, and that a Rose;
this is a Gold, and that a Silver Goblet, only by the different
Figures and Colours, represented to the Eye by the Pencil.
Locke Hum III, 6, §29, pp. 456-457