Transcription of LocHum,699[4]et700[1]
— 699 —
Enthusiasm mistaken for seeing and feeling.
      §8. Though the odd Opinions and extravagant Actions, Enthusi-
asm has run Men into, were enough to warn them against this wrong
— 700 —
Principle so apt to misguide them both in their Belief and Conduct:
yet the Love of something extraordinary, the Ease and Glory it is to
be inspired and be above the common and natural ways of Know-
ledge so flatters many Men’s Laziness, Ignorance, and Vanity, that
when once they are got into this way of immediate Revelation; of
Illumination without search; and of certainty without Proof, and
without Examination, ’tis a hard matter to get them out of it.
Reason is lost upon them, they are above it: they see the Light
infused into their Understandings, and cannot be mistaken; ’tis
clear and visible there; like the Light of bright Sunshine, shews it
self, and needs no other Proof, but its own Evidence: they feel the
Hand of GOD moving them within, and the impulses of the Spirit,
and cannot be mistaken in what they feel. Thus they support them-
selves, and are sure Reason hath nothing to do with what they see
and feel in themselves: what they have a sensible Experience of
admits no doubt, needs no probation. Would he not be ridiculous
who should require to have it proved to him, that the Light shines,
and that he sees it? It is its own Proof, and can have no other. When
the Spirit brings Light into our Minds, it dispels Darkness. We see
it, as we do that of the Sun at Noon, and need not the twilight of
Reason to shew it us. This Light from Heaven is strong, clear,
and pure, carries its own Demonstration with it, and we may as
rationally take a Glow-worme to assist us to discover the Sun, as
to examine the celestial Ray by our dim Candle,
Locke Hum IV, 19, §8, pp. 699-700