Transcription of LocHum,87[1]
— 87 —
Whole and Part not innate Ideas       §6. Let us examine that Principle of Mathematicks, viz. That the
whole is bigger than a part. This, I take it, is reckon’d amongst innate
Principles. I am sure it has as good a Title, as any, to be thought so;
which yet, no Body can think it to be, when he considers the Ideas it
comprehends in it, Whole and Part, are perfectly Relative; but the
Positive Ideas, to which they properly and immediately belong, are
Extension and Number, of which alone, Whole and Part, are Rela-
tions. So that if Whole and Part are innate Ideas, Extension and Number
must be so too, it being impossible to have an Idea of a Relation,
without having any at all of the thing to which it belongs, and in
which it is founded. Now, Whether the Minds of Men have naturally
imprinted on them the Ideas of Extension and Number, I leave to be
considered by those, who are the Patrons of innate Principles.
Locke Hum I, 4, §6, p. 87